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A Counterintuitive Approach To PROFITABLE Online Businesses
...Using the Art Form of Sequenced Pre-suasion to Create an Online Business That Generates Monster Revenue.
It's based on a universal marketing foundation, but "optimized" in an unconventional way.

I'll break down the details at its most fundamental level...

But you need to understand something FIRST, just so that we're on the same page.

You'll be exposed to a (very) COUNTERINTUITIVE way of looking at building a business online.

I've always been kind of a "rebel" who doesn't like to conform or follow along with the crowd...

I prefer to do things differently.

Let me ask you...

Have you ever heard the gurus say, "The money is in the list"?

Well, the gurus love building HUGE lists using money bribes to get people in the door.

And it obviously works for them... 

The bigger the list, the more money, right?

Slow down grasshopper 😁

Before you go jumping on the bandwagon, I gotta say, it's NOT the only way to get results.

I prefer another method...

(In the last 5+ years of doing this full-time, I haven't come across a better way to build a value-based business online.)

I now prefer smaller, laser targeted lists that are extremely responsive...

...because that's where you can truly impact people and share a ton of value. 

(I'm getting a little ahead of myself)

Here's what you're probably used to...

"3 Ways To Make 7-Figures in 24 Hours"

Hmmm... were you able to resist such a killer offer? 

Probably not, huh 😁

So you setup some fake email just to get the info...

You check your inbox...

And there it is - the first of 100's of email offers (new shiny objects) over the next few weeks.

[You know how the story ends]

But from the gurus' perspective, it's just a numbers game...



Uhh... Sure, if you're a guru!

1-2% sales conversions are great assuming you have a 20,000+ email subscriber list...

...and there's nothing wrong with that if you do.

But can I suggest an alternative?

A way to connect, persuade and influence:

With the perfect message...
To the perfect person...
At the perfect moment...

Seriously... this is where things change.

Because people no longer feel "bribed" to enter their email address.

There is real value exchange...

...which is now viewed as "opportunity" to learn more from you.

In other words...

They WANT To Be On Your List 😉

Do you see how powerful that would be?

And this is why I completely trashed my 20,000+ list and started from scratch (seriously).

I now only aim for super targeted, highly engaged email subscribers...

...who actually want to hear from me.
You don't have to be like everyone else.

If they all go right...

You just have to go left.

Are you open to learning a DIFFERENT approach?


Because this is how I built a very PROFITABLE business online.
*no email-signup required*
Greg Agustin Jr.
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