5 Strategies To Get Prospects To Join You Now

I was thinking about this the other day and I realized that the leaders of the industry constantly talk about “offering value” to others, positioning yourself as a leader, and branding yourself.. But almost no one talks about HOW to do it!

What should you do and HOW do you do it, exactly? I guarantee this is a burning question that most have, and are absolutely aching for an answer. I can relate with this personally because I definitely had this same question when I first started. Offering value to your prospects is by far the most effective way to sponsor a massive herd of hard working new individuals into your business, but very few know how to do it correctly.

So today I’m going to share with you 5 tips to offer tremendous value to your prospects, and in turn you will reap the benefits of wealth and freedom in return.

Strategy #1: Show Your Prospect What Works For You.

For some reason, very few people actually open up and share with others exactly what they’re doing NOW to get results. Maybe because they think others already know about it, or because they don’t want to encourage competition.

But sharing with others exactly what you’re doing NOW to get results is one of the very best ways to give value to your prospects. Not only will your prospects thank you for it, but they’ll instantly start to view you as an expert. And once they view you as an expert, it is definitely easier to sponsor them.

Strategy #2: Show Your Prospect What Doesn’t Work For You.

Of course this is just the complete opposite of the previous strategy, but it’s used even less than sharing with others what IS working. So if you try something and it doesn’t work, share it with your prospects! The only catch to using this technique is to make sure that you REALLY tried to make it work before you shared that it doesn’t work with your prospects. And it’s even better if you can share concrete tests to prove that whatever you’re sharing with them truly doesn’t work. Some good examples would be split tests you’ve done on your capture page, various advertising techniques, and even email subject lines.

Strategy #3. Always Be Yourself. Show Your Prospect Who You Are.

You may think that you have to come across a certain way to your prospects. But, in all honesty, this may be the very obstacle that has held you back from just getting yourself out there. Truth is, this industry is based upon personal relationships. The amount of money that you generate in your business is directly proportional to the number of people that you have built a relationship with.

You’ll never be able to form powerful, lasting business relationships with people unless you are authentic. As human beings we have a powerful ability to sense when someone is not being genuine, and when we sense this uncomfortable feeling our natural reaction is to EXIT the situation.

So if you want to “attract” people to your business, focus on being authentic and genuine. That alone will produce results for your business.

Strategy #4. Brand Yourself.

The vast majority of people in this industry try to lead with their opportunity. As soon as they get a prospect, they immediately try to show them “the plan” and convince them that they should join their business.

DO NOT make this mistake! People join “YOU”, not because you have the greatest opportunity, the best compensation plan, or the most amazing products. They join YOU because they believe that you are capable of helping them achieve their goals!

So brand yourself by offering your knowledge of this industry, your online marketing skills, or even your personal development insight. Because when you lead with value, your prospects chase after you and see you as a trusted expert and possible friend. That makes sponsoring them a whole lot easier!

Strategy #5. Model After The Leaders Of The Industry Who Offer Great Value Online

You can “leverage” the value of many other leaders in this industry by simply associating yourself with them. One way is to take pictures at live events with those leaders. This serves to show your prospect that you have fully engaged yourself into the industry and you are up to date with what’s working now.

Another way is to provide tremendous value to others and then ask a top leader to write or record a testimonial about you. Just make sure that you actually provide valuable content before you request an endorsement from an industry leader. Also, associating yourself with top leaders will also allow you to become more effective in your own marketing efforts. Think of it like immersing yourself in the language and culture of success. When you’re around people who are successful, their habits and actions naturally rub off on you. So use this to your advantage by associating yourself with as many high-level leaders as you can!

To learn more tips for taking your business to the next level, including “copy & paste” techniques for getting a steady stream of prospects to come to YOU first and virtually beg to join your downline, check this out!



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  • Marilyn Arriaga

    Reply Reply August 7, 2012

    Thank you for these great tips. I try to take as many pictures with well know people to post on my blog, but I was doing it to mainly tell others how I am learning and improving and from who. I’ll have to include your idea too.

    • Greg Agustin Jr.

      Greg Agustin Jr.

      Reply Reply August 7, 2012

      Hey, thanks Marilyn from stopping through! Well, the industry is all about marketing, so it’s pretty much the only way prospects are going to get to know you.. We have to show them! Social Proof =)

  • Sigrid McNab

    Reply Reply August 9, 2012

    Greg, thanks so much for these clear steps on HOW to brand yourself. I really liked “You’ll never be able to form powerful, lasting business relationships with people unless you are authentic”. You are so right that nothing will turn people off more quickly than if they sense that you are not genuine or sincere.

    • Greg Agustin Jr.

      Greg Agustin Jr.

      Reply Reply August 9, 2012

      Great Sigird.. Always a pleasure having you stop by and sharing your thoughts.. Thanks as well!

  • Akos Fintor

    Reply Reply October 22, 2012

    Hey Greg,

    I love Strategy #5 because in my opinion there is nothing that can accelerate one’s success than copying what already works.
    We don’t have to re-invent the wheel.
    We always try to complicate things…..well, human nature.


  • Greg Agustin Jr.

    Greg Agustin Jr.

    Reply Reply October 22, 2012

    Absolutely Akos! Appreciate your thoughts.. Thank You!

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