8 Simple Strategies To Cold Market Success

The Cold Market covers anyone you don’t know, but can and probably will be where a considerable amount of your income comes from as you gain experience. The fact is, there are a lot more people that you don’t currently know than those you do know. We need to understand what opportunities are available in the Cold Market. There are a number of strategies that we can use to connect with new prospects, if we learn to always be aware of possibilities that exist wherever we go.

1. Filtering Process

We are not just going through the numbers, we are actually sorting out the people that are open, those that are not, and those that need more information. There is always someone waiting to hear from you, but you won’t know unless you ask!

2. Don’t Take It Personally

You are running a business – This IS a business! Simply put, some people will join your opportunity, and some won’t. There are negative people anywhere you go. Don’t let their response or attitude affect how you live your life. Do you really want them working on your team anyway? Absolutely not, so just thank them for listening and move on! There is another prospect just around the next corner.

3. Be Consistent

This is absolutely critical for you and your business. We must continue to prospect regularly and add new people to our information funnel. This process will create a steady flow customers and reps if we keep our activity consistent. Success arises through following the right plan on a regular basis!

4. Learn From Experiences

Be aware of what you are doing and learn from every experience you encounter. Keep track and document your progress. Leaders pay close attention to every action they make and constantly seek improvement. One thing that saved me a lot of time through the initial learning curve was studying the leaders and strictly following their advice about the first steps in building a successful business. You don’t have to experience all the obstacles yourself to learn from them.


5. Act The Part

You may not have had any success yet with your business yet, but your prospects don’t know that. You potentially own a million dollar business, so act as if you already have a million dollar business. Act like you are successful, busy, and productive, even if you aren’t yet. You don’t have to make things up, just act the part until you become the part!

6. Make It Happen

Even the best recruiters understand that this is a sorting business and still receive their fair amount of “No’s”. It is simply the way this industry works. You still need to consistently filter through prospects. The more people you place into your information funnel, the more people you will recruit into your business.

7. Make It All About Them

People want to know what’s in it for them. So they don’t care how great your products are, how awesome your comp plan is, or how amazing the company is. You should be finding out how you can help them achieve their goals or show them a solution to their problems. This is a critical step! If you ask the right questions and listen to your prospects, you will discover their needs, wants, and desires.

8. Quitting Is Not An Option!

At times you will feel like quitting, but don’t ever give up. The only way you can fail in this industry is by not doing anything or simply giving up. No matter how much you feel like giving up, you will never reach your dreams or goals if you give up!


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  • Damayanthi

    Reply Reply June 4, 2012

    Hi Greg, Very valuable post.

    With cold market prospecting, people get upset because we tend to take everything personally. I guess you need to have lots and lots of practice to overcome many challenges with cold market prospecting,

    Thanks for sharing

    • Greg Agustin Jr.

      Greg Agustin Jr.

      Reply Reply June 4, 2012

      Thank you for your response. I just sent you a thank you to your email. I’m trying out this new system. Let me know what you think..


    Reply Reply June 4, 2012

    Greg! You’re exactly right.. I know for a fact that most of the money will come from the cold market – at least that’s the case for me.

    Every single point that you’ve listed here is spot on. The only thing I would add – or elaborate on, as you kind of alluded to it in #5 is posture. I was listening to a webinar that covered this same thing today when I was working out. What Mark (the guy on the webinar) said was pure GOLD. He said that if a cold prospect ever says “So get to the point, what’s this all about?” You just come back at them and say something along the lines of “Well ________, this is about whether or not your dreams qualify you for my business or NOT.”

    SOOOO POWERFUL. Position yourself as a leader and people WILL take note.

    Thanks again for the great post Greg! Always love checkin out what you’ve got cookin : )


    • Greg Agustin Jr.

      Greg Agustin Jr.

      Reply Reply June 4, 2012

      Dude, that’s awesome.. I appreciate the suggestions. I will definitely go back and add more to that section.

      Yes, It’s the second event here in Vegas for me, but the last one was big, because the CEO was in town and this was his first event since returning to the states from Europe. Was real busy preparing for his attendance, but it turned out pretty amazing. Now I can get back on track and post regularly. Thanks again bro!

  • Bill Solano

    Reply Reply June 5, 2012

    Greg, This is a great list. It is a sorting game, the more no’s gets you a little closer to the next yes. That yes may be your next superstar that will explode your business.

    Thanks for the info!

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