Who You Should Recruit

Leadership Mindset: Who You Should Recruit


Mindset of the Leaders To Recruit

Michael Bernoff

Michael Bernoff illustrates perfectly in this video, exactly what type of leadership mindset you want to recruit into your business. Some people get it and most won’t… that’s a fact! You see, most people are reluctant and sometimes negative toward the industry, simply because they lack the knowledge of the home business profession.

Our job is to find the leaders that either are already aware of the industry or are open to learn more about it. We are in the people filtering business. In the book “Man’s Search For Himself”, Rollo May says that the opposite of courage in our society is not cowardice… it’s conformity!

We are looking to recruit the crazy leaders that want more out of life. Getting good grades and getting a good job is no longer the safe route. Those that understand that have a HUGE advantage to creating an extraordinary life in 2014.

Do you desire more from your life and looking for ways to take your current Home Business to another level?

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