McDonald’s System of Duplication

System To Create Massive Duplication in Your Business!

Have you ever had the feeling like you purchased your business off the shelf from a store, but when you opened the box you noticed that some of the accessories to make it turn on were missing? You might be absolutely right if you feel that way!

systemYou may not have heard of Ray Kroc, but I bet you would know if I talked about hamburgers and french fries. That’s right, he is the franchise king of McDonald’s. The reason I mention Ray is because Network Marketing has been compared to a McDonald’s franchise in many examples.

Ray Kroc’s mission was a pretty simple one – to sell franchises to buyers, which then sell burgers to customers. Do you think it is any different from Networking? We sell our business opportunity, and in turn, market our products to the consumers.

The funny thing about it is that the food at McDonald’s isn’t all that great. But, it’s the most successful fast-food franchise in the world.

Ray Kroc’s Secret – A System..

So you might be wondering how it is possible to be at the top with average products? The answer exhibits Ray Kroc’s superior intelligence. He knew that the key to success was not the products, but the system of duplication. By using a duplicatable system, he didn’t have to compete with the other burger restaurants. He gave the franchise buyers what they wanted – a system to make money. A system that brought in customers, which ultimately brought in cash.

The system was like a well-oiled machine in a factory that mass produced the exact product everytime. The system was so simple that anyone could run it. All they had to do was turn it on. Franchise owners began buying and implementing these machines up by the thousands. This is the reason why buyers flocked to own a McDonald’s, even with its average products.

As more and more of these machine systems showed up all over the country, the product became more than just food to everyone. People expected the same product and became comfortable with the environment a McDonald’s provided.

This predictability is what Ray Kroc designed and the true reason for McDonald’s success all over the world!

The Duplication System

We, as Network Marketers, should learn from Ray Kroc! Instead of selling potential buyers on our company, products, debt-free finances, company growth, testimonials, .. etc. We should be marketing the system. We need to show our customers how anyone can be successful if we just learn and use the system.

People become successful by helping others solve their problems. When you sell someone your opportunity, you are not helping them, you are actually giving them another problem. Products and comp plans don’t solve problems, systems do!

Solve their problem. Provide them with a system that will produce results, and you will reap overflowing abundance!

Take a look at our System that creates a machine that brings in customers.. Learn how to build a duplication system so that anyone who uses it will be successful.

It isn’t difficult at all, maybe someone just didn’t take the time to show you..


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    WOW just what I was searching for. Came here by searching for duplication!

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    Hi there, yeah this article is truly good and I
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