One Mistake That Could Cost You THOUSANDS!


Are you making this 1 Mistake? Today I want to share 1 mistake that could be costing you thousands of dollars. This one mistake is so simple, you probably don’t even know that you’re doing it.. So if you don’t know, how can fix it, right?

Well, in this video I’m going to reveal what it is, and a few things you can do to fix it! Watch the video above for the answer..



Greg Agustin Jr. here and I want to talk about this tiny mistake that could cause you to lose money, business partners, customers, or even lose relationships. It could cause you to lose the very things that you worked so hard to get.

So what is it? It’s the Law of Focus – the law of focus says that whatever you focus on is what you get good at and also what you get more of..

So if you’re focusing on the bills in the mail, the money you’re not making, how your business is not working for you, or how you can’t get any sales.. Then you’ll continue to get more of that.

You see, you can’t focus on the positive and the negative at the same time. So, stop focusing on what’s not working, what could be better, what’s not happening fast enough, and shift your focus to what’s working, what’s producing results, and what’s growing. Yes, I know it’s challenging sometimes to do this because it’s alot easier to point out the bad stuff. But once you are aware of it, you can start to counter the negative thoughts with positive ones.

So here’s 3 things to focus on to keep you on track and save you a lot of frustration.
Anytime you have a negative thought that tells you, you can’t do something, it’s not going to work, or it’s too difficult – You have to be aware of it immediately and instead picture yourself at the place where you have already achieved your goals and dreams.. and what it feels like to be there at that point..

I can tell you honestly that I do this daily and have been able to achieve some pretty amazing results. You see, once you accomplish one of your goals, you celebrate that success and use it to create an even bigger goal.. This way, you will continue to grow and trigger more success..

The second thing to focus on is creating results. When I first got into the industry, I had a lot of trouble with this. Which is probably the main reason I didn’t produce results until after about 6 months online. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the learning mode. Feeling like you have to know it all or be perfect at something before you finally take action.

This was a big mistake for me.. and one thing I should have done when I first got started was taking what I learned and then turning it around and teaching it in my own words through a video, writing a blog post, or creating a powerpoint presentation on what I learned. You see, it’s the quickest way to start branding yourself as a leader and attracting leads to you. So there’s a big hint right here if you aren’t doing this yet.. Learn from my mistake as use it to your advantage!

The last thing, and it is very very important. You must decide to believe in what you are doing. This industry is a business and you might just be doing it part time right now.. but, if you are looking to have any results in it, you must treat it like a real business. It’s not a hobby that you can test out for a week or month and if you don’t see results, then you quit or it doesn’t work..

This is why I believe that this last area to focus on is crucial. If you don’t have faith in what you are doing, then how can you expect others to trust you? When you truly believe, you start to carry yourself with confidence and in a way that shows you believe.

The way I see it, if there are others that were in worse situations, people with harsher circumstances, and some honestly, not so bright people in the industry that ARE successful and ARE doing it.. then I know I can do it and you definitely can do it too.. And I truly believe that – and that is what leads to success!

I want to see you achieve success in not just business, but all areas of your life. So I really hope that you will apply these 3 simple but powerful tips in your life today. These 3 things will help you avoid making the same mistake I did and catapult you forward to results.

So, I would love to hear your thoughts and your comments would really help me to know how I can better help you.. What is one thing you got from this video? ..and How will you apply this in your life? Don’t forget to share this with others.. you never know who you could help avoid the same mistake!
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