Top 4 Obstacles Keeping You From Business Success

As you are already aware of, technology has drastically changed the the networking industry. You can choose either to embrace technology and use it to your advantage, or ignore it and allow it to directly cause your struggle or failure. But either way it’s going to play a huge role in building your business. Now obviously the goal of this post is to show you how to use it to your ADVANTAGE, so to do that let’s start by looking at the 4 main ways that technology and the internet are effecting your business. I’ve broken them down into 4 main issues, so here they are in no particular order:

Obstacle 1: Dramatic Increase In Information

To start with, people have a massive platform to share their experiences and information like never before thanks to the internet. This includes experiences and information related to your opportunity and products. For example, product testimonials and reviews on your opportunity. Twenty years ago the only thing your prospects could rely on when contemplating joining a networking business or purchasing products was solely the information that was provided to them. They would then review the brochures, product samples, or flip charts and then decide if they wanted to join or not.

Today, all your prospect has to do is a simple internet search for your opportunity or products and they are literally overwhelmed with information. And I’m not just talking about positive information. As I’m sure you’re well aware, almost every opportunity or product has some negative information also. Which means that whether it’s true or not, this negative information still has the potential to influence your prospect’s decision.

Obstacle 2: Increase In Competition

Now that your prospects have the ability to research your products or opportunity easily , there is also the ability for them to be intercepted and driven to another opportunity like never before. If you haven’t already, do a simple internet search for your opportunity. Notice how there are literally pages and pages of endless advertisements on competing offers. You’ll find everything from other opportunities, to rival distributors trying to convince your prospect to join THEM instead.

Now think about your products. Your prospects are bombarded with alternative ideas, or they can simply find another solution that is perhaps cheaper, or has other qualities they’d prefer. This has caused many less experienced networkers to fight a constant war of attrition. So unless you find a way to solve this problem, building your downline will become more like trying to fill a leaky bucket – as fast as you can sponsor people, they will disappear and join another opportunity or purchase a competing product.

Obstacle 3: Decrease In Your Prospect’s Attention Span

It’s no secret that we are the instant gratification generation. We want what we want, when we want it. And if one person can’t offer that to us, we’ll find someone who can. This means that you have a shorter window than ever to engage your prospect and get them started making money in your downline before they lose interest or abandon you for another competing offer that promises them faster results.

In fact, the statistic is about 60 days. If you can’t help your new distributor start making money in that time period, the majority will disappear. So this makes building a duplicatable system that much more imperative to your success. Because the simple fact is this: if you don’t offer your prospects a recruiting system that will help them achieve results the fastest and easiest way possible, someone else will.

Obstacle 4: Legal Issues

In response to the fast-paced exchange of information of today’s modern times, the majority of business opportunities have heavily restricted the way builders are able to use company names or product names. In fact, many opportunities won’t allow you to directly market your opportunity whatsoever outside of their strictly regulated materials. This presents a huge problem for you. You’re trying to sell an opportunity or products without talking about them. So, not only do you have to deal with all of the other 3 issues, but you have to solve them in such a way that you still adhere to strict legal oversight imposed by your opportunity.

Now as I’ve said before, most networkers will continue to struggle and lose money as a result of these obstacles. But there is a way for YOU to quickly and easily overcome them and start profiting in your business.

So check back here in the next couple days because I’ll be putting out another post that reveals exactly how to do it. And in fact, with this solution you will quickly be able to harness the power of the internet to produce unlimited free leads, new distributors, long-term residual income, and even instant up-front profit for your business on command… whenever you want!

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  • Michelle DeMarco

    Reply Reply July 25, 2012

    Holy Cow was this ever the truth! Makes me wax nostalgic for the old days when it was a little harder to have an online presence. But the competition can only make us work harder and provide better value so in the end, we still are in the forefront!

  • Sigrid McNab

    Reply Reply July 27, 2012

    Hey Greg, lots of obstacles for sure. Things are ever changing! Can’t wait for your next post!

  • joel pashkin

    Reply Reply July 27, 2012

    Great info. Great post Greg, thanks

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