Black Friday

Why Black Friday Will KILL You


Black Friday KILLS!

Yes, you heard me right! As you have seen in the News, Black Friday can literally get you killed… however, that’s not what I’m referring to in this post. I’m talking about killing you in the long run.

Here’s why.

Corporations are capitalizing on this phenomenon causing the majority of the population to go into debt. They want this happen for a few reasons:

  1. They can profit and take your money whether you have it or not. That’s money in their pockets!
  2. They want you to be broke! When you are in debt, they are in control of your life! You will have to work your whole life always trying to catch up.
  3. 98% of the population are influenced by the Fear of Loss. The reason why Black Friday even exists is because it’s a POWERFUL marketing strategy. Corporations know that they can bank on millions of people standing in line all night just on the fear of missing out on a killer deal.

In fact, based on a Post Black Friday Survey, 39% of shoppers last year admitted spending more than they planned because the deals were so good… and, 43% will do the same this year.

Black Friday Good News

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  • Missy fromohio

    Reply Reply June 6, 2014

    Great blog post! I agree about Black Friday killing you, but I don’t think they want you to stay broke.

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